Wedding Bells

Earlier this month, one of my best friends, Maelle, got married in Saintes, France. My boyfriend and I went there by car from Toulouse. We met up with some friends before getting prepared to head out to the abbaye. When her, now, husband walked down the aisle I had tears in my eyes and even more when Maelle walked down with her father. But I was able to hold the tears in and enjoyed the ceremony. It was beautiful and very simple, with a lot of singing involved. The ceremony lasted about two hours before we all headed to the castle, known as le chateau de la Roche Courbon. As it was a typical French wedding, we were greeted with a nice glass of champagne (my all time favorite drink). We enjoyed someĀ petit four and walked in the gardens of the chateau. The venue was beautiful and definitely difficult to top off. Their fathers made beautiful speeches too before enjoying a simple dinner. I loved how the husband and wife entered the dinning hall. The music was great and they walked around to all the tables on the beat of the music. It definitely gave the evening a great atmosphere. After the dinner it was time to dance into the early hours. We slept in a tent that we started building at four o’clock in the morning. We were in bed by six and woke up at around nine. After packing the tent up, my boyfriend and I headed back to Toulouse. The ride was extremely long and tedious. Having only slept three hours, it was extremely difficult to drive those 400km. The next day we were back in the Netherlands!
I definitely cannot post all the pictures my boyfriend and I choose – we made 500 and picked out 90. So here are just a few photos of this very special day!



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