Simply The Best

Had a dazzling knowledge at Hotel B in Cozumel. Profoundly prescribe this property. Clean room ignoring the excellent sea…what could be better. Economical, well disposed administration, and furthermore incorporates breakfast. This lodging was prescribed to me and I’m revealing to you it’s an unquestionable requirement for Cozumel. As an aside, they are built another working with extra rooms nearby the present building which I accept will be finished mid 2019. I do concur about the sleeping pads waiting be supplanted, however not going to downsize them for that. Appreciate!

We visit Hotel B regularly to have an extraordinary breakfast or lunch with an unfathomable sea see. This last time we truly making the most of our server, Jesus, who talked immaculate English and took incredible consideration of us. He clowned with us the entire time and truly reminded us why Cozumel is such a Paradise. He additionally was extremely Kind and patient as we bumbled around and endeavored to rehearse our Kindergarten Spanish. Extraordinary place, exceptionally protected and spotless, stunning sea see, incredible administration, and yummy nourishment – what more would you be able to request?

We love to travel to the magical waters of Cozumel. It is always a different experience. Either because we change accommodation, or because we decided to do a new activity. The island still has something new to show us every time. Hotel B is an example of that. Also, I had the pleasure to talk with interesting people who work there and in their free time go scuba dive with some pros around the island. It would be nice to have a first time scuba diving cozumel tour for my family and me. To be honest, we can not always prevent Hotel B from being our first choice when we travel to Cozumel. It is an excellent hotel. The service and the rooms are very convenient. Such a nice place to stay every time you come to the island.

Cherished being right not far off from the “occupied” fundamental city territory. You can swim and unwind in the pool or simply bounce off the dock into the sea – you’re spot on it! Lease swim gear, you can see some delightful things in that spot. Staff is inviting and the front work area is so useful and I felt happy with requesting everything without exception and they helped me rehearsed my Spanish. Delightful beverages and sustenances. Extraordinary positive vibes. I desired a yoga withdraw and felt the air of the inn fit the vibe. I’d return solo or again with the withdraw.

Most importantly, the photos we took from our yard sitting above the pool look photoshopped. The blue is so profound, it nearly looks counterfeit. Really lovely.
second however first is the staff. Stunning administration, extraordinary nourishment, polite and lovely, bilingual all through and fun! We will play here once more!

My significant other and I simply left Hotel B following a 4 night remain. The staff is the thing that makes this place so unique. It appears as though everybody knew my name and what we got a kick out of the chance to drink. I need to give an uncommon thank you to Marcos and Elder for their mind blowing accommodation amid our remain.
Indeed, there is development nearby however it wasn’t excessively diverting. Conceded we were in a suite farthest from the development (room 404). We anticipate looking at it when it opens one year from now. Much obliged to you Hotel B!

Highly recommend this property. Clean room overlooking the gorgeous sea. . .what could be better. Inexpensive, friendly support, as well as includes breakfast. This hotel was recommended to me personally and I’m telling you it’s a must for Cozumel. Instead, they are constructed another building with additional chambers adjacent to the present building which I think will be complete mid 2019. I do agree about the mattresses needing to be replaced, however not likely to downgrade them for that.

We visit Hotel B frequently to get a great lunch or breakfast with an unbelievable ocean view. Last time we actually enjoyed our host, Jesus, who spoke great English and took care of us. He joked with us the whole time and educated us why Cozumel is such a Paradise. He also was really Kind and patient as we stumbled around and attempted to practice our Kindergarten Spanish. Great location, very safe and clean, amazing ocean view, great service, and tasty food – what more can you request?