Inspiration and motivation

After a very long pause, 3 months to be exact, Travelling Flavours will officially be back on August 1st. But first, I’d like to explain why I took such a long break. There are several reasons. One of them was the lack of inspiration and motivation. I wasn’t feeling very inspired when it came to cooking, and simply could not bring myself up to making or trying out recipes. I’ve also started a new job and an intensive workout (insanity and getting back on track – running). I needed time to adjust to this new routing and I was simply too tired at the end of the day to dedicate anytime to my blog. I had too many things to do after work and could not get any inspiration nor motivation to work on Travelling Flavours.

However, beginning of July after spending a few evenings by the beach after work, I realised that I had to change my lifestyle routine. I’ve been determined to change things up and live a more relaxed life. Letting things go. Whenever my work day was over, I was thinking about my workout, the groceries that still needed to be done, what meal I was going to cook that night, laundry that had to be done and so forth. I wanted that to stop. I’m already busy and have a full head at work, and I certainly do not want that working life to impact my personal life. I’ve decided to take things more slowly and letting go off this routine that we all have. Do we really need to have a schedule too when coming home from work? Do we really need to stress out about doing groceries, cooking a meal, and going to bed early so that you have enough sleep? I’ve realised that this was not necessary. After those beach days after work, it felt relaxing. It felt like I was on a vacation. It really felt like time had stopped. Evenings were passing slower than usual, and it made me enjoy them more than those hectic evenings spent at home. Enjoying good company, the wonderful weather and good food was stress free. So my upcoming after work moto is just to let everything go. Being spontaneous. Being free. Enjoying those evenings and the nice weather (when it comes back) and not thinking about what needs to be done at home. It’s not a stress free life but it’s a less stressful life and that’s what makes it all more enjoyable! It won’t always be like that on the longterm but, but right now this is what I need.

Having explained all that, I will be dedicating more time to my blog. I just came back from an amazing two week vacation (Cascais, Lisbon and Marseille) and cannot wait to share with you what I’ve done, what I’ve seen and what I’ve eaten. Summer is still full on, and I’ll be sharing some wonderful summer recipes from dips, to salads and desserts. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I will!