Excellent meal!

We came not as visitors of the retreat. The nourishment was heavenly with an extraordinary view and superb administration. They have an incredible wine determination also. The fish starter was brilliant! We additionally attempted the calamari which were scrumptious too. We making the most of our courses too, lobster risotto was an incredible dish. We will return for another dinner!

We had an exceptionally pleasant dinner here. As at all the eateries in the El Presidente Intercontinental, the hold up staff is mindful and inviting. We had an exceptionally delectable free starter with pesto and sun dried tomatoes purée, at that point crostata with arranged garnishes. My life partner had the 3-pasta uncommon (great yet not phenomenal) and I had the lasagna, additionally great. Not first rate In terms of Italian food but rather in any case a charming night. The stylistic layout is additionally extremely classy.

The good thing about going to Cozumel is the diversity of things you can do. From staying in a five-star hotel, an all-inclusive, to a boutique hotel or Airbnb accommodation. The same thing happens with food. Of course, the main dish is marine. But if you want to eat something different, you will definitely find it. Alfredo di Roma is an excellent place to eat in Cozumel. So I recommend it. Especially, to people who love Italian food. I remember to see a Jeep parked near the restaurant. I want to take one of the cozumel jeep excursions around the island – I think that would be entertaining. But don’t forget it: Alfredo di Roma is delicious, and the service is remarkable.

My significant other and I cherished our visit. He had the chicken parmigiana and I had the spinach and hamburger ravioli. Both were so great! Victor offered amazing administration, he was simply extraordinary. I had a 1/2 jug of Shiraz and we finished it off with a tasty dessert. We cherished it so much, we even arranged room benefit from them a couple of days subsequent to visiting the eatery.

I was here in 2010 and again in 2016. This eatery is situated at the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel. It neglects the water and the view is stunning. This time we were there, my significant other and I took my sibling and sister-in-law who had quite recently gotten hitched hours sooner somewhere else. This was basically their wedding supper. We told the staff this and they made the night exceptionally uncommon, including bringing the table an extraordinary sweet. The majority of the nourishment was great. Notwithstanding, some may state that the costs were somewhat high. The staff was mindful and benevolent. We had a superb time and will return on our next outing to Cozumel.

My better half and I constantly needed to attempt Alfredo di Roma however we were doubtful about having Italian sustenance in Mexico…don’t commit a similar error we did, their nourishment is wild! We have gone to Italy previously and the sustenance and environment is everything, if not progressively, similar to you would discover in Italy! The administration is astounding, they can foresee your each need before you even realize you require anything! The profiteroles with frozen yogurt shrouded in white and dim chocolate sauce is an absolute necessity strive for sweet, every little thing about it is tasty!

We had a very wonderful meal . As at all of the restaurants at the El Presidente Intercontinental, the wait staff is friendly and attentive. We had an extremely yummy free appetizer with pesto and sun dried berries purée, then crostata with various toppings. My partner had the 3-pasta unique (good but not outstanding ) and that I had the lasagna, too great. Not elite In terms of Italian cuisine but a pleasant day. The decoration is also very tasteful.

My husband and I loved our trip. He had the chicken parmigiana and that I had the spinach and beef ravioli. Both were so great! Victor offered excellent company, he was simply excellent. I had a 1/2 bottle of Shiraz and we topped it off with a tasty dessert. We loved it so much, we ordered room service out of them a couple of days after going to the restaurant.