Seasonal Salad

Spring is in full swing, especially during the week not so much on the weekends. Hopefully this will change soon, as we’re getting ready to enjoy those delicious seasonal salads. How do I make a delicious seasonal salad? By buying all of my fruits and vegetables at our local market on Saturday mornings and by having a very tasty vinaigrette to go with! I prefer buying my fruits and vegetables at the market because they are fresh, and you can get quite a lot in your basket for a very reasonable price (compared to supermarkets that is). So last Saturday, I went to our local market to buy the vegetables I needed for our lunch. I came home with avocados, cherry tomatoes, a salad, and some smoked salmon. I had an apple left from last Saturday’s market run, and already had some fresh chives waiting to be used! Oh, and most importantly I bought a beautiful bowl and its matching kitchen utensils! I’ve had my eyes on those for a very long time, and finally decided to give myself a little gift! Perfect for our salad too.

_MG_6679_MG_6682_MG_6690_MG_6692This salad is extremely easy to make and can be whipped up/chopped up within minutes. But the key to an amazing salad is its vinaigrette. For my last birthday, my sister give me a delicious raspberry vinegar. I’ve used it before and it is simply jaw dropping. Because I had various ingredients in this salad, both fruits and vegetables, I thought that the raspberry vinegar would make this salad tastier. It certainly did, and it changes from your regular vinegar or balsamic vinegar. It gives it this spring swing that we just needed!

– salad (regular or any other kind)
– a bowl of cherry tomatoes
– 1 avocado
– 1 apple
– smoked salmon
– half a goat cheese buche
– chives

– 1 tbsp of raspberry vinegar
– 2 tbsp of olive oil
– 1 garlic glove, finely chopped
– half a lemon juice
– salt and pepper

– Simple, after washing and cutting salad ingredients put them in a large bowl
– Make the vinaigrette in a separate bowl. Mix all ingredients and taste
– Once vinaigrette is made to your taste pour it over the salad

Eat your hearts out!

Note: we all know how to make a salad so no need for me to tell you every single step in putting this salad together. Make sure to make the vinaigrette in a separate bowl and not directly over the salad. I added a little more raspberry vinegar because I felt it was too oily. Also I used my new salad utensils as my vinegar and olive oil measurements. It’s larger than you’re regular tbsp so think of adding a little more of vinegar and olive oil to make a perfect vinaigrette.