Have a lovely sunny weekend

It’s Friday, and I simply cannot wait for the weekend to begin. The weather has been absolutely fabulous these past couple of weeks – blue sky and sunshine. Spring is definitely right around the corner, I can feel it! We will soon be able to put our winter coats away and replace them with lighter mid-season jackets! With this wonderful weather, it is the perfect time to start working out again. This weekend I’m going back to some serious running exercise. My boyfriend and I will be doing a 5 km race in May, and now is the best time to get back in our running shoes! Besides running, I will definitely be spending most of my time outside enjoying the wonderful weather. During the week, being stuck in an office, I can only ‘enjoy’ the weather when looking outside of the window or on my 25 minute walk during my lunch break. I’ve got to enjoy this sunny weekend. What are your plans for this weekend? Anything in particular?

Have a lovely weekend!