Rotterdam’s MarketHall

If you have the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands, and have the chance of going to Rotterdam, I am highly recommending you to visit Rotterdam’s Markthal. It opened in October 2014, inspired by some of the greatest European markets such as Barcelona’s La Boqueria, Madrid’s Mercado San Miguel, and Stockholm’s Ostermalmshallen. You can find gorgeous and fresh produce such as French saucisson, French cheese, lots and lots of spices, different kinds of olives, tropical fruits and vegetables, fish and meat. Besides these stands, there are also some lovely places where you can have lunch and dinner, as the market is open until 08:00 p.m. My boyfriend and I haven’t had lunch there yet, but we’re certainly planning to do so once we have a little more time. I have already spotted a nice little restaurant called the Basq Kitchen. Every time I go there it’s extremely popular. Finally, in case you need some brand new kitchenware, there’s a great shop where you can buy high quality pots and pans, and other cooking utensils.

_MG_6526_MG_6527_MG_6528_MG_6530If you love French saucisson and can no longer wait for your next trip to France, this is the place to go – Monsieur Saucisson! Great name and delicious saucisson too. So far we’ve loved the cognac/faisan.

_MG_6490_MG_6532_MG_6533IMG_0015_MG_6492_MG_6493Spices and macarons

_MG_6537_MG_6538_MG_6543_MG_6534Even though all of the products there are pricy, I honestly believe that you should allow yourself a nice treat once in a while. As French as I am, I was extremely happy the first time I stepped in this market. I’ve bought some delicious French cheese, French meat too and of course saucisson. All the produce I bought have not been disappointing and taste just like what I can find in France, but pricier. It is all worth it! So if you decide to spend a couple of hours there, and aren’t travelling too much, make sure to buy some produce or have lunch at one of the restaurants. It’s an experience that you need to try!