Have a lovely weekend

Have a lovely weekend everyone! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow evening I’ll be hosting a new job celebration at home. I’ve invited some friends over, as well as my parents and sister. I’ll be providing snacks and drinks for everyone. So before the celebration begins I’ll be spending some time in the kitchen. Other than that, we’ll be spending Sunday at my parent’s in order to continue the celebrations. We’ll be celebrating more on Sunday – my father’s birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday, my mother’s upcoming birthday, my sister’s Bachelors degree and my new job. We’ll definitely be letting some champagne flow!

Before I’m off, I’d like to share some pictures of what a cup of tea looks like in different countries. I’m sure all you tea lovers will love this. I certainly did!

Have a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to try that bread out!

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Egypt Mauritania Morocco Qatar South Africa ThailandTurkey tea