Have A Wonderful Weekend

This was a pretty special week for me. I signed my contract and will be starting my new job beginning of March. I am very excited and cannot wait to start. But first, I get to enjoy the next couple of weeks off. I’ve started exercising again and will be keeping that up. I will host a celebration will all of my friends here at home, and will celebrate more with my parents, sister and boyfriend (we have yet to determine a date). I will continue my 30-day challenge until then. And I will be sharing new recipes!

But first, let’s enjoy this weekend? What are your plans for these next two days? Tonight we’re meeting some friends for diner and drinks in the Hague. And on Saturday I’ll be going back to the Hague to meet up with some university friends. One of them is coming back for the weekend, and we’re planning on diner and drinks in the Hague too. In addition to that, I’ll be continuing to jog, walk and enjoy the wonderful weather!

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Hague – my city for the weekend
10001272_10152319343667164_1235132547_oMy sister’s graduation ceremony!

IMG_6199IMG_6200A ballet documentary that I will soon be watching

Remembering my best friend’s wedding