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Vacations. Travelling. Sightseeing. Relaxing. I’m sure that if we all had the time and the money we would all be travelling around the world. Europe. Asia. Africa. America. I definitely would. However all I can do right now is think about it and slowly start planning it. Thinking of places where I would love to go just makes me want to pack my bags and leave! This is not yet possible and this is also the reason why today I’d like to share the six European places (villages, islands, cities) I would love to travel to.

1. Positano, Italy

the-beauty-of-positano-italyI first read about this wonderful little place on A Cup of Joe and Babyccino Kids. The moment I read both articles and saw the pictures, I knew this was a place I had to put on my to-go travel list. Whenever I go on vacation, I always try to have two elements: beach and sightseeing. The beach so that my boyfriend and I can spend a relaxing afternoon by the water and just take everything in. Sightseeing because vacations are also meant to discover a new place and a new culture. Positano seems to me like a perfect location; a beautiful small village on the Amalfi Coast.

2. The Cyclades, Greece

6709enI have been to Greece twice before with my parents and sister, and would love to go back with my boyfriend. For quite some time, and whenever the summer holidays approach, we are always looking at a vacation to the cyclades. The beaches, the food, the white houses and travelling from one island to another make us want to getaway for a week or two. But quite rapidly, we’d always look for more affordable places to go (back then we were still students). Our trip to the cyclades is probably not going to happen this year, but hopefully in the near future.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

stockholmEven though I already live in northern Europe, I would still very much like to go way up north. I would love to visit Stockholm, and even Oslo, Helsinki and go back to Copenhagen. One of the reasons why I would like to visit these cities and northern Europe, is that I’ve just finished watching a Swedish/Danish series called Bron/Broen. It is set in both Sweden and Denmark and from what I’ve seen I’d actually like to see more of it. I also find the language very fascinating (we watched the series in its original version with English subtitles). And on top of that two of our best friends (a couple) went to Sweden and Denmark last summer. Even though we haven’t seen photos yet, what I’ve heard just makes me want to go there for a vacation.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

lisbonLisbon. I’ve had an eye on you for quite some time now. I know quite a few people that have been there. I’ve seen their photos and immediately fell in love with the city but never got around to booking a long weekend there. I can already imagine myself eating pasteis de nata, riding on Lisbon’s electric tram, visiting the Belem tower and the rest of Lisbon’s architecture, and why not spending an afternoon at a nearby beach? This is definitely my kind of vacation.

5. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

6430957417_0d0f92ee14_bMy boyfriend and I have never been to Eastern Europe and I would very much like to visit the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. The beaches, the small cozy villages, the local ports which I assume bring delicious sea food all sound like a great vacation and would make me very happy. I have heard a lot about the Croatian coast and have seen beautiful photographs. I guess it is a must see, and I’m sure that this coast is very much different to what we have here in Western Europe. And I would love to try some typical Croatian food too!

6. London, United Kingdom

londonOh I could not end the places I would love to go without London. The first time I went to London was back in 2005, and haven’t been back since. I went there with my parents and sister and have such great memories from this city and simply cannot wait to go back. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Covert Garden, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster…I could go on and on without forgetting a little shopping! The list never ends of all the things that must be seen. And of course who would say no to some good fish and chips?

I’ve realised that most of the places I would like to go to in Europe are coastal and Southern places. When you live in the north, you need to get away to the south where sun is guaranteed!

What about you? What are the places you would like to visit in Europe?

Photo credits: Positano, The Cyclades, Stockholm, Lisbon, Dalmatian Coast, London

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