Pasta Monday – Caramelised Onions and Gorgonzola Penne

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I certainly did. Saturday was beautiful weather and spent it with one of my best friends in Rotterdam. We had an amazing lunch at Rotterdam’s new MarketHall. The MarketHall is amazing. You can find all kind of produce, and pretty good produce too. I bought some French cheese there, and back in December bought a turkey that was delicious! It’s also a wonderful place to look at and observe the different stalls. After our lunch, we did stop by for some cake and cappuccino/raspberry smoothie before an afternoon of shopping. I did manage to get a mid-season jacket (on sale!) from Zara, which was quite surprising as I usually never find anything during sales season. The rest of the day and Sunday was relaxing. We watched biathlon – one of our favorite sports! We’re always behind the French team and skiers. It’s such an exciting sports to watch! I also spent a few hours at the IKEA in order to spend a 19 euro coupon received back in December. But now the weekend is over and a new week has already started!

_MG_6169_MG_6171_MG_6172_MG_6177It’s Monday and Monday nights are now known as pasta nights. Last Monday was very cold and we therefore had a pretty heavy pasta dish – caramelised onions with melted gorgonzola cheese! I personally wouldn’t advise to each this dish on spring and summer nights. Reserve it for a cold winter night. Your body will definitely appreciate this heavy dish. I set my eyes on this dish from A Cup of Joe and knew that one day I would want to make it. It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and I personally changed from small spring onions to normal onions. I just had to do with the ingredients I had at home. At first when I saw that the onions were not caramelising I thought that it was due to the fact that I used normal onions and not spring ones. But in fact it just takes time and you need to be patient.

- 2 tbsp of olive oil
– 2 onions
– 2 garlic cloves
– penne
– 180 g of gorgonzola cheese
– salt and pepper

– Heat the olive oil in a pan, before adding the peeled and sliced onions and garlic cloves
– Allow the onions and garlic cloves to cook, stirring every 5 to 10 minutes. The onions and garlic cloves are cooked within 40 minutes (approximately) with the heat on medium low
– In the meantime cook your pasta and cut the gorgonzola cheese in small pieces
– Just before draining the pasta, reserve 120 ml of the pasta water
– Drain the pasta and return it to the pot
– Once the onions and garlic cloves have caramelised, add 60 ml of the reserved pasta water to the pan
– Stir until the onions have almost completely absorbed the water and add the gorgonzola cheese
– Stir until the cheese just begins to melt
– Transfer the mixture to the pot with the pasta and stir thoroughly in order to coat the pasta with the cheese and caramelised onions and garlic cloves. Add salt and pepper if needed.
– Dig in and enjoy!

Note: we didn’t do it this time, but I would suggest to have a light green salad next to this pasta dish. I think it would perfectly balance the heaviness of the dish.