Christmas Cookies – Butterbredele

I promised this recipe yesterday, but I simply did not have anytime to write this post. Yesterday we had our first Christmas diner with our friends at home and I simply did not have any time te dedicate time to write this second Christmas cookie recipe. The best I could do was to publish this post today!

Butterbredele…petits gateaux aux beurre…is the most traditional Christmas cookie recipe and I simply could not allow myself not to share it. You’d think that the recipe itself sounds pretty easy, but it’s actually a lot of work and you certainly need to prepare this in advance. But it is so worth it. Once you taste one cookie, you cannot keep your hands off them. With coffee, tea or simply to snack on this is it! And it’s a perfect combination to yesterday’s recipe!

– 500 g of flour
– 250 g of unsalted butter
– 250 g of sugar
– 1 pack of vanilla sugar
– 2 eggs + 1 egg yolk

– Mix the butter, sugar, the eggs and the vanilla sugar until the mixture becomes ‘whitish’
– Add the flour, mix and let it rest for at least 3 hours in the fridge
– Roll out the dough (approx. 4mm) and with different cookie cutter shapes cut the dough
– Pre-heat oven to 200°C
– Place the cookie shape on parchment paper, golden it with the egg yolk and cook for 10 minutes


Note: this dough makes a lot of cookies and 1 egg yolk is definitely not enough. I used four egg yolks, so if you want to make this recipe make this one too. There will be no egg yolk waste! And try to use Christmas cookie cutters!