Christmas Cookies – Rochers

Christmas is just one week away and this past weekend I’ve been busy baking some traditional Christmas cookies!! In Alsace, it’s a real tradition to bake special Christmas cookies during this month. I know that my grand-ma, my aunts and cousins have been busy in their kitchen baking the most delicious cookies ever. Since I won’t be seeing them this year, and will therefore not be able to taste them, I decided to bake my own Christmas cookies so that it feels a little bit closer to home. My mother and I bought this small Christmas cookies book a while back and never used it. This was the perfect moment to crack the book open and bake a few recipes. Initially, I wanted to bake four different types but soon noticed how much work this was and resigned to bake only two. I’ll be sharing one recipe tonight and another tomorrow!

- 250 g of almonds
– 250 g of sugar
– 5 egg whites

– If you have whole almonds, cut them length wise in thin slices
– Grill the almonds in 50 g of sugar, let them cool
– Pre-heat oven to 130 C
– In the mean time, beat the egg whites until the mixture resembles a fluffy cloud, adding the 200 g of sugar at the last moment, beating a few more minutes
– Incorporate the grilled almonds delicately the fluffy cloud mixture
– On parchment paper, with the help of a tea spoon, make small little piles
– Cook for 35 minutes and let them cool

Note: Because the almonds I found in the supermarket only came in packs of 55 g and were quite expensive, I instead had 150 g of real grilled almonds and 100 g of powder almond that I already had at home. That worked perfectly well and still tastes amazing. Finally, what to do with the egg yolks? KEEP THEM!!! You’ll need them for tomorrow’s recipe. Both of these cookie recipes are a great combo because you can use both the egg whites and egg yolks separately! So no waste!!