It’s December already and holiday season is in full swing. I started decorating the house two weeks ago, and this past weekend we finally got our Christmas tree!!! I couldn’t be more excited. I woke up early on Saturday morning to get some Christmas tree decorations and later that afternoon my boyfriend and I went to get our Christmas tree. Our options were very limited as we were by bike, but managed to get a beautiful tree atĀ Ikea. I can tell you that I was like a child. I love Christmas. I love decorating – so much that I even decorated our office department and have been getting compliments every single day. I went for very classic colours at home – red and silver. Real Christmas colours. And some plain white lights. I’m very happy with the results, and very excited to have a Christmas tree at home. Now i just need to do a little Christmas gift shopping and bake some traditional Christmas cookies (this coming weekend)!