Pasta Monday – Shrimp, Salmon and Goat Cheese

Another week is upon us and I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I certainly have and was very busy too. Friday night was pretty low key, especially after a long week at work so not much happened then. Saturday was pretty packed. The minute I got up, I started an amazing recipe, chocolate babka, that will be available very soon. I then headed off outside, did a little (grocery) shopping before having this great lunch. Yes yes, the recipe I’ll be sharing in just a few seconds. We then headed off to our friend’s parent’s house for their annual pineau and cognac sale. I had made a pretty big order for friends, family and ourselves, of course. As I was the designated driver, I just had a small glass of pineau. We then watched a little rugby before heading out to dinner. And finally on Sunday I finished the chocolate babka – yes it’s a two day recipe but it is so worth it – and did some chores around the house. So yes, definitely a pretty hectic weekend for us…for me!

So, this recipe I’m about to share. Let me tell you all about it. You have those days where your not inspired. You don’t know what you want to eat, or what to cook and kind of wish that something was already ready. I had that moment a few weeks ago, and last night as well actually. But my train ride home turned into magic. All of a sudden I felt like having shrimps and goat cheese, so I thought why not try something out with both ingredients. Shrimps, salmon and goat cheese  pasta salad it would be. With a little help from my boyfriend, our meal was cooked within minutes and tasted just fine. More than fine, it was delicious. But, what made it even better was the next day. This pasta dish is meant to be eaten cold. Very cold. Leave-it-in-the-fridge-for-a-day cold. You won’t be disappointed.

– pasta
– 180 g of salmon
– 1 buche de chèvre
– 200 g of shrimps
– 1 garlic clove
– 1 or 2 lemon juice
– dill
– salt and pepper

– Cook the pasta
– Cut the salmon and goat cheese in small pieces
– Saute the shrimps together with the garlic, add salt and pepper to taste
– Make the vinaigrette: either just lemon juice with dill, or lemon juice, olive oil and dill
– Once the pasta is cooked, drain and cool with cold water
– Add all of the ingredients in a big bowl, pour the vinaigrette over and if you can resist place the bowl in the fridge
– If you can’t, enjoy…and enjoy more the next day!

Note: I would recommend using linguini or spaghetti for this recipe, it makes it easier to eat everything all together. You will notice that no dill was added this time, but it sure was the first time around. Dill and salmon are a perfect combination so don’t be afraid to add some. In case you don’t have any garlic clove, use garlic powder as we did this time. Finally, don’t be afraid to cut the goat cheese and even the shrimps once cooked in smaller pieces.