For the last weekend of September, we decided to take a little trip to Brussels. One of our friends, Maelle, who also got married in August, currently lives there. We hadn’t had the opportunity to go to Brussels and visit her earlier, and thought that September would be great. It was also more convenient for her and for us to go during that time. October will be her last month there before moving to the South of France to join her husband.

Like always, weekends with friends never disappoint. We’ve done it once before back in 2011 when I was on a university exchange in Barcelona. Brussels was one hell of a ride. I’d say that we spent our weekend eating – food that Maelle had prepared for our arrival, which we ate at 4 o’clock in the morning after going out, some delicious pita from a restaurant called Le Perroquet (I strongly advise you to to there), some fries (of course!), and a huge brunch on Sunday morning. It might not seem like a lot, but to us it felt like that’s all we had done. Besides all this food, we walked around Brussels; saw Manneken Pis and his lady Jeanneke Pis, visited la brasserie Cantillon and had a little beer tasting. I already knew this but I can now confirm that I do not like beer. We spent our evenings in bars, either drinking beer (on Friday) or¬†huge cocktails (on Saturday) and basically caught up! Aurelien, one of our friends who nicely brought us there, saw some friends that he had last seen when he was in Mexico. They were hilarious! We had such a great time.

We also had wonderful weather so it made¬†perfect sense to spend our two day weekend outside. We had our Sunday brunch outside at a terrasse, and then went on a very very long walk to digest all this food. We went to a forest. It was really cool because as we were approaching we could already smell the fresh air of the trees. It smelled so good and was very relaxing. We went back home on Sunday night – no food for me. I was still so full from our brunch and the next day I could barely finish my lunch at work. I’ve got to take it easy on food!

Here are a few photos from our wonderful weekend! I cannot wait for the next one, and have a strong feeling that it will be in a very long time…

_MG_4936_MG_4941_MG_4948_MG_4967_MG_4972_MG_5001_MG_5004_MG_5006_MG_5009Brunch – can you guess?

_MG_5005_MG_5023_MG_5026_MG_5027_MG_5029A little joke between Maelle and I – we would love to see our men doing this:




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