Last Thursday, we had a pretty amazing evening. It was our friend Jordy’s birthday, and his girlfriend Carina organized a surprise birthday party for him. The fact that he had his last exam that evening too, made it easier for us to come over early to prepare small snacks. We made a tsaziki accompanied with salmon and crackers, and mini-pizzas. I’ll have a special blog post for the mini-pizzas later on this week.
The surprise was a great success, as Jordy had no idea his friends were there. We all hid on the balcony. When Jordy arrived, Carina told him to get some beers – there was a crate on the balcony. So when Jordy got close to the balcony door, we could see that he was looking at the floor to the beers. However, it seems as if he could not see us. But at a certain point he started noticing some feet. He lift his head up and saw us. He opened the door and we all shouted ‘SURPRISE’ and started singing happy birthday. We’ve got all this on video too! He was super happy! It was definitely a night to remember. Here are some photos of the night!

Before Jordy’s arrival

And he’s here!

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